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Onlineprojekt Gefallenendenkmäler - von Ahnenforschern für Ahnenforscher




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Fluid Dynamics Search Engine:

The search engine is case sensitiveWrite
surnames in all capital letters (for ex.: SCHMIDT)
Write first names and place names with only initial
capital letters (for ex.: Berlin).  For best results,
first read the search engine instructions below.

Google Search Engine for this Webseite:

The Google search is less specific in scope.  If you are searching specific names, use the Fluid Dynamic search engine (see instructions below).  For more general searches, you may prefer the Google search engine.

Search Engine Instructions for Fluid Dynamics Search Engine:

IMPORTANT: read the following instructions for a detailed description of the search engine's rules and conventions:

This Search engine is case sensitive.  In order to search for a surname, enter it in all capital letters, such as “SCHMIDT”.

First names and Town names should be entered with initial capital letters, such as “Hans” or “Johann” or, for towns, “Hildesheim” or “München” (note that the German spelling of towns and cities must be used – the term “Munich” will not result in any hits, for example).  Use of wildcards (*) is permitted.

You may enter multiple search terms.  Search results will contain at least one of the terms entered above.  Your results will be displayed on the German language results page.  You must scroll down to see your list of results.

Umlauts:  This search engine recognizes alternative spelling for Umlauts and the German letter “ß”: For example, if you are searching for the common German surname Müller, you can enter it either as “MÜLLER” or as “MUeLLER.”  Make sure you enter the alternative spelling with the “e” in lower case letters, i.e., use Ae for “Ä”, Oe for “Ö” and Ue for “Ü.”  Use "ss" for the “ß” character.

Nobility Designations: If looking for persons with designations of nobility in their names, enter the search terms without them.  In other words, if you are looking for “Herrmann von Eberstein” (memorialized as a 1st World War casualty in St. Petri Church, Hamburg), enter the search term “EBERSTEIN,” but not “VON EBERSTEIN.”



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